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Holiday Portraits

Posted in Family, Personal, Portraits by Michael on February 21, 2011

Before Christmas my sister asked me to get a photo for their Christmas Card and to get some pictures of my new nephew William. Working with a 4-year-old, a 1 month old and an exhausted and unenthusiastic Pat made the shoot frustrating but there were some shots that I liked.

-XO Mike


Belated Easter Post

Posted in Events, Family, Portraits by Michael on May 4, 2010

Reaghan peers over the balcony as the Easter Bunny arrives.

I have meant to edit and post about this since the day after Easter but I forgot about it until now. I won’t say much,¬†other than it was a great day complete with the Easter Bunny. We took another family portrait which I tried to organize a little better this year. It’s nothing flashy, but it is a good piece of history for the family so long as we do it every year.

Making faces while I setup the shot.

Everyone is welcome and this was our crowd for the day.

Competition Entry

Posted in Portraits by Michael on March 16, 2010

I apologize for all the portraits (more to come tomorrow @ 10am) but I’ve really grown fond of them in the past few weeks.

One of the other Daily Illini photographers found a student photo competition sponsored by a department at the University and so we all entered the contest hoping to sweep the competition and beat the photography majors at their own game. The prompt was something like, “define your world” – what makes your life unique. Rather than grab a hipster shot of my friends in the middle of a street, I went through my archives and found this shot of Reaghan. I touched it up a bit and got the colors to where I like them (I like the tinge of pink in the bubbles because it reminded me of the pink bubble bath solution bottle). She’s a cutie and I miss seeing her when I’m at school.

-XO Mike