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Posted in Family, Trips by Michael on October 10, 2013

Flickr recently updated their site in a big way and it looks fantastic. In fact, most of Yahoo! has been updated with a great new look and feel all around. I’ve posted some photos over there and will share a few here as well. Check it out over here: Flickr


Crawl so Hard

Nike Shoot

Happy Mom and Baby

Driver T

Bicycle Built for Two

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Honeymoon Video

Posted in Personal, Trips, Video by Michael on February 21, 2011

I’m not here to be an Apple fanboy but when I saw the release of the iPhone 4 with HD video and iMovie, I got excited. Almost immediately I had planned to make a movie of Elise and my honeymoon. I didn’t have a script or anything, I just took a video of something I liked or thought would be nice in the video and added to the timeline. It really was simple and I had the video finished before we boarded the plane to leave. All of the photos and videos (except the ones from the wedding, which I received on the phone by email) were taken on the phone and edited on the phone. No computer was ever used. Grab the popcorn and enjoy!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/19505137]

-XO Mike

I’m still alive!

Posted in Family, Passing Through, Personal, Trips by Michael on December 8, 2010

The chief prepares for his dance with fire.

I’m still alive despite not posting since mid-July. Life has been crazy preparing to and getting married, closing a business, starting a new job (and the preceding search), getting a new apartment and filling it with stuff like a bed, dressers and couch. The honeymoon was amazing and where most of these pictures came from. I’m doing a portrait session with my new nephew Will on Saturday and I’m nervous because I haven’t shot much recently and barely remember ISO and aperture (ok it’s not that bad).

Here’s a few more photos from stuff that I liked (although I can see my decline in skill). I’ve chosen to mostly just take the photo straight out of the camera so there’s minimal editing on these.

Not purposeful but kind of cool looking. I was switching from portrait to landscape while on a slow shutter.

-XO Mike

Final California Shots

Posted in Events, Personal, Trips by Michael on May 26, 2010

The view from a trail near Palo Alto.

Another view from a trail near Palo Alto.

The Zipper. Quite a scary ride.

I have a good amount of saturation in these images but I kind of like it as a change of pace. Not for everything but kind of fun.

-XO Mike

Puppy! (and redwoods)

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Yup, that headline was just to lure you in. I made it up to Sacramento/Folsom yesterday and Hillary, BJ, their dog Trudy and I went over to Montgomery Woods to take a walk with the redwoods. We took some glamor shots of Trudy and had some fun hiking through the forest. Here are a bunch more shots from the trip. Beautiful landscape.

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-XO Mike

Palo Alto

Posted in Personal, Trips by Michael on May 22, 2010

Chris Long, protecting your facebook since April 2010. As incentive to all you hackers out there, if you find an exploit on facebook and send it to them they will give you a hack hat in return.

Disclaimer: I’m editing these photos on my notoriously uncalibrated laptop monitor so I’ll probably find out that they look terrible in a week.

I flew into San Francisco on Wednesday after a long journey but it was free with my mileage so I can’t complain. I came out here to visit my buddy Chris who recently got employed at facebook as a Vulnerability Assessment Engineer and Security Incident Responder. I got the grand tour around facebook and had a free dinner there which was quite nice. Since then I have toured around Stanford and we met with one of Chris’ friends to get the tour of Google. It was just after 5 on a Friday so things were cooling down but another free dinner there was excellent. Tomorrow I’ll take the train up to Sacramento to visit Hillary for a few more days before flying home on Tuesday night. No pictures of Google or facebook because of privacy policies.

Stanford's Hoover Tower - Primarily a library but at the 14th floor is an open air observation deck and a four octave carillon.

-XO Mike